Saturday, 5 April 2014

Review on Quinoderm10 (skincare/spots)

Hello! It's been a long while since I last blogged, and I apologise to anyone who has noticed. It's just I haven't really been in the mood to just start typing and blog. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, but I really want to enjoy blogging and so I don't really want to make it like a chore. I'm also in my last year at school at the moment, and the exam season is in less than a month away. -I'm kinda stressing out, like everyone is, haha. So yeah, good luck to anyone who is taking their exams soon!

Ok, so I am going to be reviewing this product in this post.
I have been personally using Quinoderm10, for just over a month. And I have to say I am really impressed with it! It's cleared up my spots amazingly, and even when it's the time of the month, I don't even break out that bad. I don't know if that's because of other factors or what, but I am just going to assume it's because of the cream.

It comes in a teensy tube, but as they say, a little goes a long way. This tube has lasted me over a month! It's a white cream, and you are supposed to rub a small amount into the affected area until you can no longer see the cream. I wouldn't recommend putting it on in the morning, because I feel if you are going out that day and wearing make up, then there is no point. So I only usually apply the cream at night, before bed, after I've washed my face or whatever.

On the packaging it says to test a small amount of the cream behind your ear and leave it for 12 hours (or something like that?) This is to see if your skin has a reaction to it. If it does, definitely don't use it! (Obviously, haha) But yeah, in all seriousness I wouldn't recommend it if you have sensitive or dry skin. This is because the cream dries out the skin (and makes the spot smaller and eventually disappear). I have combination to oily skin, so yeah, it seems ok for me. But we're all different, so definitely just try it out first. Before I tried the cream, I read up a lot of reviews, there were a lot of negative ones and some positive ones, so I was really unsure. But I think it really just depends on your skin. However, it seemed to really work for me, so I would recommend this cream!

I believe you can get it from Boots, but I'm sure you can get it anywhere? I think it ranges from £2.50 to £5, but definitely check that up, because I'm not sure.

Hope this was useful to any of you, especially if you're just looking to try something new?

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hey guys!

It's been a while, I think it's been like nearly 2 months since I last blogged, and so I am sorry to any of you who have noticed! But I can explain, (hopefully you care) I kinda lost motivation/had no inspiration to blog and then my computer got a virus afterwards and so yeah, that is why there is a massive gap between this and my last post! My computer still hasn't been fixed, I'm using an old computer (that my mum's friend lent to her) which is quite old and incredibly slow. But still I am thankful, aha! I was having to use my sister's tablet to get my daily dose of the internet, buut I think she got annoyed. Anyways!

So, although I'm kinda late, I just wanted to announce some "new year's resolutions" that I have! And, I hope you have all had a good 2014 so far, (I can't say 'happy new year' it is definitely too late) I've been keeping to my resolutions quite well personally, well, a couple of them at least, so I am happy!

Here we gooooo!

  • Eat more fruit and veg -unfortunately, so far, I still haven't improved or even tried, I'd say..
  • Drink more water-yep! I've stuck to this one quite well!
  • Go to bed earlier!
  • Exercise regularly-I'm quite proud of how I've stuck to this one so far. I hope to lose a bit of weight and tone up this year.
  • Be more organised (this is with like, school work and revision. I'm basically trying to tell myself to prioritise.)
  • Blog more often-I'm not going to give my self a particular pattern/schedule to how often and when I blog, but I hope to be able to at least post once a week. I just don't want to make blogging seem like a chore to myself, if I'm too strict with it. I definitely want to keep enjoying this!

I have a lot of catching up to do on reading blogs, and now that I have a computer, I hope to do just that! It's quite late this evening, so I'mma say bye! I'm sorry this post was quite boring, but I just kinda wanted to let you know I'm still here and plan to blog! I have lots of ideas for future blog posts and hope you all stick around! But I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week now! Byeee! Oh, annd side notee! I reached over 100 followers (altogether) on my blog! Thank you to everyone who's followed me and to the people who comment, it makes me feel happy to know that there are some people reading this! As silly as that sounds! Thank you all so much! Honestly, it means a lot! :) (Please enjoy this random picture of glitter I found on the internet-this is how I feel inside :D ) xoxo