Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hellooo! So, as planned I did go off on a shopping trip with my friend, and I brought back a few goodies. I am actually really happy with the things I bought but I also, kinda owe my mum some money now. Oops, haha. Oh, well, I'm not really sure how a haul post works. I mean I've seen multiple ones before, but I'm new to this and so I waffle about a lot of unrelated stuff, but here you go. Here's what I bought (it's not a lot, but I thought I would share it with you)! :D

First off, I headed straight to Primark (it's where I spent the majority of my money)

 I got some beanies-they were £2 each, and so I thought it was a bargain! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any plain black ones, there were some black beanies but they had slogans on and personally, I didn't like them. If I remember rightly, it said 'CHICAGO' on them or something, but yeah. If I'm honest, I don't really like wearing hats, they annoy me but I want to start wearing some and I think beanies are cute personally, so I think this is a good buy!

 Next up, are these army style/combat boots. I'm not really sure what you call them, and I loved them as soon as I saw them. I really really really really really like them. They were £18 and I think they will definitely be worth the money, as I am sure I will wear them a lot this autumn/winter. I can't wait to wear these. I personally think the boots look better on. Aah, I'm so happy with this buy! :D

I then bought this dark blue/navy jumper from Primark. I just needed some more jumpers and for the sake of £7.99, I thought I would buy this. My only worry is that I might shrink it in the washing machine. I constantly do this, even when I wash things on a low temperature. :( Anyways, I think this is a nice jumper, even if it might not last very long. 

 I then went to H&M and saw lots of things I wanted, but unfortunately had already spent most of the money I had, so I only got this jumper, but I really like this jumper too! I guess it's just a jumper with a black gradient pattern on it? I don't know what to call this. You get what I mean, the colour gets darker the further down the jumper. I think it looks better on and I will definitely use this a lot, it feels quite thick-ish. It was £9.99 and I think it was a bargain!

That is everything, I hope you enjoyed this small post! And please leave a comment below, I'd love to read what you think or something. :) xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Excited for the week ahead!

Hey guys!
I haven't posted in the past week/two weeks-I'm sorry (if you noticed). I do have good reason though, I've been super busy. I have my Maths and English exams next week, gah! And I really haven't done a lot of revision, eek! (I've done about 3 hours for Maths, not including homework or revision sessions after school) I dunno where all the time has gone, and I've been really stressed by just how unorganised I am. But this week, I really, really, really do plan to get more revision done, as this week is HALF TERM! Yaaaay! I am super super super excited! I have a lot of plans for today/Monday-that don't include "school" and I really am excited. I'm going shopping on Monday (for clothes), something I haven't done in a long long while. Unfortunately, because my budget is small, including costs for transport and food, I will probably only be able to buy 3-4 items but still. PRIMAAAARK!
My friend is sleeping over tonight and then off we go into the city tomorrow. It is going to be fun! So yeah. But I have a lot of cleaning to do before she comes over, cleaning that I should be doing after writing this blog post. So, guuuys, what I am trying to say is, expect a "haul" post soon. I haven't done one before, haha. I am super super excited. I really feel there isn't a lot of material in this post, and I am sorry. I'm not dead and haven't given up on blogging after like 3 weeks, is what I wanted to tell you. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) as I have this whole week free, I will be blogging about better things this week.

Bye, and have a great day. What are your plans for this week? x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

OOTD and photo happy...

Hey guys!
So, my weekend's been quite busy. I really wasn't sure what to write about this weekend, so I feel like this is a jumble of things and I am sorry there is no proper theme to this post, haha.


So, I wore this outfit to work minus the shoes. I think it is quite "autumny" (autumnal), as the jacket is a dark green, camo/army type colour. I guess the reason why I think it suits this season is because the jacket is so dark. (Although, tbh I would wear this anytime of the year-especially when it's a bit chilly)
All the stuff from this outfit I purchased quite a while ago, however I am sure if you wanted to "recreate" this look, it wouldn't be hard. (I'm not really sure if you'd want to, I s'pose this outfit isn't exactly "in" it's just bog standard, but there you go...)

The top is quite loose, I dunno if you can tell. I bought mine in a size up, it's a size M. I got it from H&M, however I bought it when it was in a sale, near the end of summer (like the end of August). It's just a top with thin, black vertical lines. I just love the way it hangs. Initially, the reason why I bought it was because it looked similar to a top one of my favourite YouTubers wore. And I liked her style, so I definitely wanted it.

The jacket is from Dorothy Perkins, however I will be honest with you, I bought mine from a charity shop. It was a very nice charity shop, and buying clothes whilst helping other is always a good cause! -So what can I say? The jacket is in a size 8, however I wish it was a size larger because, again I will be honest with you, it's a struggle to button it up! Haha. All in all though, I do love this jacket very much and have worn it a lot.

The black jeans are from Primark, and since I haven't been to Primark in a while, I can't be sure, however I am still quite confident you will still find these, as their just basic, black skinny jeans. They are super comfy and very nice!

My black creepers I just bought from a regular shoe shop, and I bought them last year, have got quite a lot of use out of them and am still using them! So they are definitely good! I love them very much. I just think they kinda "glam" the whole outfit up!

A scarf and hat I reckon would make this outfit cosier, and maybe some accessories if you really wanted to?

So, this weekend I bought a few items and wanted to share them with you. It's not a lot but I took some photos and wanted to add them into this post.
First off, nothing exciting, I bought a hairbrush-my old one was tacky and dying, some of the "prongs" (I dunno what you call them? -The bits that stick out.) they had fallen off. So I bought with great cause and need. It's a Tresemme brush and so I believe it is £6.99 well spent. It's pretty big too. I like it :)

Next thing I bought was my MUA eye shadow palette, I saw some bloggers reviewing/talking about some of the products from MUA, and seeing the price (very cheap), I wanted to join in too. The palette I've chosen 'Heaven and Earth' (I love the name) has got lots of earthy and also golden tones, so I think it is perfect for a subtle look. I've also wanted to incorporate eye shadow into my daily make up routine, but I guess I'm just too lazy. But this palette is so pretty, that I guess I shall start now. If I really like this, it might end up in another post soon to come! We'll see.. This palette was only £4 as well-bargain!

Lastly, I bought a black liquid eye liner. Bog standard. It's from Collection and was £2.99. I'll be honest, I'm not very fussy when it comes to eye liner, so long as it stays on and the brush is nice. So, I'm not bothered.

All this stuff was from Superdrug. I always seem to give myself a reason to pop in there once a week! Oh dear, haha. My budget is only small, so I guess I seem to stagger the things I buy, if that makes sense? Anyone else do this?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Thank you if you're reading this! :) xxx

P.S My mum's friend bought her some flowers, so I took some photos-I couldn't help myself! They're so pretty! So please enjoy this random, crappy photo of flowers! (I really want to get a proper camera!)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nothing important.. (Life)

Hey, guys! This is just going to be a bit of a random post soooo.. yeah!

So, over the week, I got a few followers and comments! And can I just say that it makes me really happy, just to know that people are actually reading what I post! And that some people are actually interested in what I post or am going to post! So, thank you, thank you so much! It gives me a glowy feeling inside and makes me happy, haha! I feel really silly for saying this.
I think I'm addicted to Blogger anyway, I love reading other people's blog posts-reviews and their monthly favourites especially. I never knew how interesting this could be, I didn't really understand before, but I get it now (I think)! It's nice to see what other people think, and looking at posts of people who have similar interests to you! Okay, appreciation paragraph over-I don't wanna weird anyone out!...

I've been really busy this week, it's sooo hectic! I'm in my last year of high school, and the pressure is definitely on-like, oh my days! I have my Maths and English exams in just over 3 weeks, and I still haven't started any proper revising at home yet! I am bad, I really need to get a start on revising, some time soon.. I've decided to at the very least, make a start by the weekend. I have so many things that I need to do this weekend, I definitely need to tidy my room too.. It looks like a bombshell-well, I think it does. I'm exaggerating a bit, but it is a bit messy.

What I am basically trying to say is that, I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow and that the weekend is soon! I've been feeling really sleepy recently (I don't even know why!), even though I have been going to bed at a decent hour!

I am just a really unorganised person. I need to sort myself out.

I am easily distracted, especially when doing homework, but music seems to help me to focus. Is that just me? Anyone else like this? This week I've been listening to Imagine Dragon's album, Night Visions. And, I am in love with it. I just, yeah... :D

After posting this, I have some washing up to do, and I really should tidy my room.

I'm not complaining btw, I am just explaining how my week has been going so far...

Also, I wasn't really sure how often to post on my blog. I'm new at this. I wanted to say I will do a beauty/fashion post (not sure yet) and that I am not dead (in a metaphorical sense) so I have an idea for a post this weekend, but I don't want to rush it and it to be poopy. So I think I will post it this weekend, instead of this week. So, yeah. I just don't want to bore anyone.

How has your week been? :) x
-Sorry this is a bit random and weird. It's late, I blame the time. I took some cheeky selfies too, chilling in my massive jumper and wooly leggings.
(I am so weird, haha)

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Product Review: Freederm (Skincare)

Hey, if you're reading this.
So for my first blog post, I wasn't really sure what to write it about, but I figured for people to actually want to read or follow my blog, there had to be at least one remotely interesting post. So, here I am.
Freederm-some peole love it, some hate it. I have seen many mixed reviews about these products you see. It has been out for a while, although I suppose, technically, it is quite a recent company/product.

I picked up my first Freederm product about a year ago, I think. (I'm not really sure) Either way, I have been using Freederm for a while, and I have to say, I love it! Almost 12 months ago, a friend recommended Freederm to me, and I have been using it ever since. I have been using the Freederm Sensitive Facial Wash, and it is supposed to combat "excess oil" I have combination to oily skin, so I thought this would work a treat. I wouldn't say it gives you instant results, but I can definitely say that after a couple of months, I noticed a difference. After washing my face in the morning/evening with it, I wouldn't be as oily and also I didn't have as many breakouts.
Along with using the Freederm Sensitive Facial Wash, I also used the Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser. Which, although was good, I didn't repurchase, as (I'm not sure if this is going to make sense) but the transition from my old moisturiser to the Freederm one was quite horrible. Although on the packaging it says "100% oil free" the moisturiser felt quite light (which is a good thing) but didn't sit well on my face. I think that may just be me, so I'd test it out for yourself, if you're going to try it. But, eventually I got used to the moisturiser, however I didn't think it was reaaaally "amazing" or anything. Just average, I guess. I'm not really sure...

I've also used Freederm Exfoliating Daily Wash, which "combats blackheads" and I thought this was a good product also. The beads in it are quite small, so it is gentle and I would say definitely suitable for everyday. I found that, again, after a couple of months most of my blackheads were gone and my skin tone was more even. Although, I still have a few pesky ones on my nose, chin and cheeks. Gah!

I'd say that the Freederm products don't really have a smell to it, or if they do it is very faint and not particularly appealing. The consistency of the Facial Washes is quite "runny" I guess, so you have to be careful when squeezing the product out other wise you'll use it up very quickly. The prices seem to be constantly changing, whenever I go to purchase it, so get them when they're on offer (I suggest). However, I do think it is a reasonable price-it ranges from about £4 to just over £6. I get mine from Superdrug, but I believe they are available at any drug store. I've seen them in my local pharmacy too!
If I were to rate the Freederm products I have mentioned here out of 5, I would give it a 3.5/5

I have wanted to try the Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel for a while, but I've seen mixed reviews-if any of you guys have tried it, what did you think? And do you think it is worth getting?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I hope it was helpful. Please leave a comment, I'd love to see what you guys think and follow some other interesting blogs! :)

Saturday, 5 October 2013

First Post and Introductions

Hey, I think.
I guess I am just introducing myself to the internet, however I'd quite like to keep this anonymous. At least, until I'm comfortable with this. I know I have no followers at the moment, so nobody is reading this. But, if you are, hey *waves* Lemme know if you are anyways. I'm new at this and want to follow some "super-cool" blogs/people.
I think, however, I haven't decided properly yet, but I want this blog to be about beauty and life style and whatever else I decide to add in randomly, sometimes. So please, gimme a follow and I shall start typing with purpose. (I'll blog anyway)